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The Sy Camp

High quality gas cooker portable outdoor camping aluminum alloy stove ultra light picnic cooking stove survival furnace

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Product Name: Mini burner 

Material: the base of the furnace is one of the high light aluminum alloy, light weight,high strength,

          the fire plate and the bracket are stainless steel, high temperature strength

Packing specification:

         4x5.5x8cm (hard plastic box packaging, smaller than a cigarette case)

Fire plate specifications:

       9.5*9.5CM (suitable for the erection of the diameter of the 20CM within the pot, conventional 1~3

      people fit)

Model: AT6312 

Rated speed: 3000W

Net weight: 120g (super light) (including the weight of the box)

packing:1*gas stove with box 

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